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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Duck lips.... WTF??????  The first time I saw this I was like ... Okay????  Now I see it everywhere.  Grown-ass women duck lipping it....  Really?   
 Sorry Snooks. That is not attractive!  Per my male friends:
What these grown-ass women need to do is sit down with their daughters and explain why they should NOT duck lip.  Duck-lipping is the gate way drug to uglier things...... LIP INJECTIONS!!!  It must be stopped!  Lip injections are BLEH!  When your mouth looks like it belongs south, it is time to stop the madness!
Looks like a big ole hemorrhoid to me..... sigh... SILLY ASS WOMEN!

I have to admit I tried to duck lip at my hunny while asking "Do I make ya horny baby?" but I got the giggles. His response..... NEVER do that again!  Anyway ENOUGH SAID!  QUACK IS WHACK! 
I leave you with a salute from me....
 That one cracks me the freak up! 

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