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Thursday, May 31, 2012

OMFS! An ungodly shame!

I watched this in complete disgust! That child has absolutely no understanding of the words in that song. Teaching a child hatred while hiding behind the skirts of a religion, seems a bit ungodly to me. WTF is this world coming to????

OMFS! Iceberg flipping over...


OMFS! I LOVE George Carlin!


OMFS! Pup-Pup eyes.....

I have a black Lab.... I can so relate!

OMFS! Oh My! Snicker!

One of the funniest eCards......

OMFS! Jessica Simpson has some expensive fluff

Jessica Simpson has been offered 4 million dollars by Weight Watchers to loose her baby fluff....  FYI..... Fluff = fat... It just sounds so much nicer.
Shitola like this makes me SMH!  I am looking at this pic and trying to see 4 million dollars worth of fluff.... Nah! Can't see it!  Even though, those baby feeders look a bit expensive.... Nah! Still can't see it!  A word to Weight Watchers.... There are plenty of fluffy people that would charge a whole lot less and more people could actually relate to them!

OMFS! Truth!

So freaking deep!  I just want to drown in the purity of it!

OMFS! 4G Overkill

Now don't get me wrong,  Carly is cute as a button .... BUT......  If I see that T-Mobile commercial one more time...... It is going to get ugly up in this house! This commercial is everyFREAKINGwhere!  I swear it is stalking me on the interwebs. The first one was bad enough but the second one, when it slows down and she flips that peace sign and what appears to be a DUCKLIP... I want to pull an Elmer Fudd.....


Too much of anything is just that, TOO MUCH!  Enough already T-Mobile... Overexposure to an item makes me avoid it! Sheesh!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OMFS: Beautiful and even more

OMFS! Getting old sux!

I am tap, tap, tapping on 50's door and uuuggghhhhh do I feel it some days!  This sums me up perfectly....

OMFS! And now you know....

I loved George Carlin and I miss him!  Such a brilliant man...

OMFS! Marriage

Love is blind.  It knows no color, shape, religion, sex or preconception.  It just is.  Live and let love says I!

OMFS! Self-Marriage! Really?

I was perusing the news and came across this tidbit..|maing10|dl12|sec3_lnk2%26pLid%3D165400

How interesting... Self-Marriage... Gays can't marry but you can marry yourself.  What a mockery of the sanctity of marriage. I find this a bit amusing and disturbing at the same time.  A bit narcissistic and delusional... Just OMFS crazy to be honest.  What happens if she decides to marry someone else down the line... Does she divorce herself or become a polygamist?  Does she get a tax break?  Sex life?  Snicker!  Skip that one.  I believe in loving yourself but this is a bit too much of an I want attention tactic.  
Here she is during the sacred ceremony. Mark my words the heifer will be married again in a less than a year.

OMFS! For the love of dogs...

I can't leave out the Pup-pups...

OMFS! For the love of cats...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cats and this is why....



A couple weekends ago I was on a road trip cruising through a little town in Arkansas and came upon this sign....
I snickered, did a Uie and snapped a pic.  Shitola like this cracks me the freak up!  Take a sec to absorb the beauty and the OMFSness of it.  LOVE IT!

OMFS! Preggo Swag

Even though I am mad at Tori Spelling for looking better in that swimsuit, with a bun in the oven, than the majority of the world's unfertilized females. I am glad to see she looks HEALTHY!  Gurl has swag when she is baking...... A comparison..
Tori with bun...

Tori without bun... Well, she has one on the hip but that doesn't count.
I REST my case.

OMFS! Consideration.... A foreign word to some

Have you ever been in one of those relationships where consideration was a foreign, freaking word to the other person?  I mean all kinds of relationships not just the ole LOVE one.... The ones with your kids, friends, family, co-workers... ALL relationships...  You just want to tell that other person to stop being so FREAKING selfish.... Well, here is a MEME for you to paste on their Facebook page.... EVERYONE seems to have a Facebook page these days.....
or you can just tell them to stop being so FREAKING selfish!


Duck lips.... WTF??????  The first time I saw this I was like ... Okay????  Now I see it everywhere.  Grown-ass women duck lipping it....  Really?   
 Sorry Snooks. That is not attractive!  Per my male friends:
What these grown-ass women need to do is sit down with their daughters and explain why they should NOT duck lip.  Duck-lipping is the gate way drug to uglier things...... LIP INJECTIONS!!!  It must be stopped!  Lip injections are BLEH!  When your mouth looks like it belongs south, it is time to stop the madness!
Looks like a big ole hemorrhoid to me..... sigh... SILLY ASS WOMEN!

I have to admit I tried to duck lip at my hunny while asking "Do I make ya horny baby?" but I got the giggles. His response..... NEVER do that again!  Anyway ENOUGH SAID!  QUACK IS WHACK! 
I leave you with a salute from me....
 That one cracks me the freak up! 

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